Bushel And Peck Restaurant at Mill City Museum | Sustainability
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We Value Our Partners In Sustainable Living And Eating.

Bushel & Peck pays tribute to our Minnesota and community roots by offering fresh, authentic and healthy cuisine sourced from our favorite local and organic purveyors. Whether your focus is on fresh food or local food, whether you are interested in biodegradable or biodynamic, whether you are concerned about gluten free options or sustainable seafood, we’re here to give you choices that align with your tastes, budget and values.

Naturally D’Amico: Our Commitment To Sustainability.

As a passionate supporter of social responsibility and sustainability, D’Amico & Partners believes in providing restaurant fare and menus crafted from intelligently sourced food that is authentic, real, healthy and fresh. We are committed to sustainable and responsible business practices through our Naturally D’Amico program founded on GOALS of Green, Organic, Artisanal, Local and Sustainable whenever possible.

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Where our food comes from:

Explore our Local Farms, Wineries & Breweries.